Welcome to Country Roads Motor Inn

Our House Rules

  1. Smoking & Vaping is prohibited in all rooms and common areas and within four metres of the entry door. If you are a smoker or vapour, please adhere to our smoking policy and smoke & vape in the designated smoking area.
  2. Do not throw cigarette butts in pot plants, on the ground or in gardens.
  3. Please discard your cigarette butts in the ash tray in the smoking area.
  4. Rooms must be kept clean & tidy.
  5. Please keep wet towels contained to the bathroom area.
  6. Please check that your windows are closed before turning on the air conditioner.
  7. Visitors and not permitted to park their cars inside the property and must park out on the road.
  8. All guest’s visitors must register at reception and leave the property by 6pm unless otherwise authorised by management.
  9. Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight. A $100 charge will apply to registered guests for unauthorised overnight guests.
  10. Upon departure, please turn off all lights and the air conditioner.
  11. Please adhere to the speed limits.
  12. Abusive, aggressive & hostile behaviour will not be tolerated. Any form of abusive displayed will give cause for immediate eviction.

Thank you.